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After the Outtake post, a number of readers are requesting for VPL images of hunk-of-the-hour John Spainhour. I don’t remember having salacious photos of the hot guy, but I just want to share these Bench Universe photos taken by Code Homme on his powerful camera, high up in the bleachers on the second night of the fleshfest. Good enough?
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  1. why is it that something tells me this big hunk of a man has a little weeny and all that bulge are just his family jewels? I have not seen any of his pictures with an impressive crotch. Anyway, I’ll still suck him given the chance.

  2. Thanks RD…it’s really a great VPL pics…and I love this boy…”Spain me every hour”…thanks again and Merry Christmas….

  3. Nakikita ko sya sa Glorietta at Greenbelt lagi naglalakad from the gym. Ma appeal sya lalo na ngayon na nalamn kong ganyan sya kalaki hahaha

  4. oo nga ang hirap ifigure out yung nota niya. palagay ko uncut, maraming excess skin kaya di bumakat ang korte ng ulo.

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