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It has been a week since that ↑ photo of Ahron popped out of the air. Well, something came out alright, while he’s up in the air. While we can never be sure about its authenticity, Ahron’s dick cred just went up our meter. Here he is for throwback Thursday promoting Walker underwear.

Speaking of Walker, indie actor Eugene Tejada once modeled the same style as Ahron’s boxer briefs. Did he measure up to Ahron’s, uh. proportions?

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  1. OK lang naman size ni Eug, panood ka na before pero yung jakol vid pero panalo sa katas mga beshies! Mabibilaukan ka sa dami! LOL LOL

      1. Sorry beshie kung meron lang ako nag-post na ako kaso 2-3 yrs ago ko pa napanood yun… sayang nga di ko na-save and dilim kasi ng vid pero kitang kita yung super sarap niyang katas niya as in, pinutok sa mesa sobrang dami at lapot! Swerte ng naka-video chat niya that time (or the table rather, being splashed by that milk of human kindess)! LOL LOL

  2. Eugene’s boxer briefs is not authentic walker! The exclamation points on his are dark yellow and too close to the letter R! Lelz

  3. Sarap susuhin siguro ni ahron grabe mabango singit nyan for sure! sulit na sulit yung bf nya na si Kris

  4. Link na nman ng jerk off video ni Eugene oh, share naman jan please… Di ba may ginawang indie films tong c Eugene, tas bigla na xang nag disappeared… Anu kc title ng mga un???

  5. 3.5k ko nabook.. sa fr ctrl.. alejandro peg name… sarap n din dhil indie actor… laki burat at nkikipaghalikan at romansa… nde na kau lugi mga ateng..

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