Weekend Scorcher: Rico Lazaro

by: rddantes April 25, 2008 | 2 Comments |

Piolo doppelgänger Rico Lazaro is our weekend guy! Rico Lazaro just wrapped up an indie movie with a sexy theme, slated for showing in July and in the festivals abroad. Too, he is one of the models of designer Renee Salud in a fashion show next month. Of course, he is still the go-to guy for Mr. Pascual‘s needs for a body double, like in the recent Clear shampoo commercial campaign.

2 Comments on "Weekend Scorcher: Rico Lazaro"

  1. armpit lover says:

    Parang medyo hard ang notes. Saka gusto ko yung parang maliliit na nakapalibot sa utong niya. Parang nakatayo lahat… Hhehe

  2. Anonymous says:

    para siyang bakla or talga ba na BAKLA…..?????

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