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Weiser by the year

Brazilian model in our midst Hans Weiser shows off his amazing bod and VPL in his underwear endorsement for Bench Body. That’s enough reason, of course, for a full feature of this handsome model for today. As an underwear endorser, it’s thrilling to see Hans execute it so admirably.

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    1. Omg! Girl ako din. Binigyan ko siya ng benefit of the doubt kasi mainit nung day that I met him pero thanks to your testimony, we can finally say na consistent na may BO si kuya! Euw

  1. Eww kung gusto nyo mahada yan mura lang pag gipit. Minsan pumapatol sa 10k or lower. Mabaho nga lang maski down there hahahahahaha

  2. hipon type… average-looking pero ang burat nman, ay, winner all the way!!! ilabas na yan, ipakita ang dapat makita, itusok ang kayang itusok!

  3. bakit ang liliit ng mga nipples ng mga brazilian models dito. hehhehehe
    sana un lang ang maliit at ang tarugo ay gahigante. ahhahaha

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