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Welcome Back!

So, you’re back! That’s great news. At least for all of us here waiting for you to come home to Manila. We’re actually anticipating the time when you’ll be again in those giant billboards, with nothing but your hardihood and those Folded & Hung briefs. That’ll give ’em Bench boys a run for their money. You were always the one – the guy who pump-primed underwear ads here. So, cheerio! Welcome back, Hideo!
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  1. Hideo is back?!!

    Whoa! Happy days are here again!

    The only Brapanese hunk to catch my fancy. You’ve always been hotness personified, Hideo dear. Feel free to stay for as long as your sizzling appeal keeps on a-cumming, hehe…

  2. wow. he’s still the hotttest brapanese for me. of course, aside from seeing daniel’s almost nude pic. haha. with to see them in bed.. do they have a price?

  3. awesome!!!!!!!!!! hope he’s still with folded and hung so we can see him in those sexy undies again 😉

  4. More of him RD pls. Yung bakat shots hehehe. I know ikaw lang makakapag post nun about him haaays…

  5. omigad!!! i just saw him this morning at Greenbelt!
    shet ang hot nya in person as in HOT!!!!
    tapos he was with his son:)) He really looked like he is happy being a father.

    but again. WOW. he’s really really hot!:))

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