Whatever happened to Martin Jickain?

Photos of Martin Jickain during the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2005,
where he won first runner-up

Scanned from the papers, photos of a before-and-after Martin Jickain,
promoting slimming technology by Marie France for Men

Fortunately, erstwhile glam male model Martin Jickain has realized this early that, yes, although his former-actress-now-porcine-politician wife can eat a horse and a half, he does not necessarily have to go her gluttonous ways. Immediately after getting hitched to his dumpy wife, Martin Jickain shied away from the runway lights and helped his wife in her office’s obligations. Martin naturally gained weight, as he did not have time anymore to hit the gym. Now Martin is all over the papers promoting the non-invasive slimming methods of Marie France for Men. Thankfully, although he is still far from the 155-lb.-frame he had circa Mossimo days, his 164-lb.-frame would have to do for now.

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