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Where is Hermann Weber?

Where is Hermann Gerhard Weber, that charming Mossimo Bikini Summit runner-up and male model? Apparently, he is busy with his studies – taking up a nursing course in his native Laguna. Which probably means he is not that busy with modeling these days, as he is contemplating on a career in the medical services field – abroad. The Filipino-German stunner, with a body to die for, is sorely missed, though.
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  1. Ganda nga ng wangkata, mga pare. Ano gnagawa nya sa Pwede bang pauwiin na lang gf? O Laguna-based na nga ba? Hmmm, how can I get in touch with him?

  2. Sila pa din ng gf niya? Balita na kaya di umuusad siya sa showbiz is because pakialamera gf niya.

    Sayang talaga si Hermann. pa din siya as in every week?

  3. herman has a manjam account (find that out) he for hire, or is he one of us, searching for equally gym fit guys? but i reluctantly concede, he is a real charmer!

  4. Hahaha!

    I invited him to be linked as friends sa ManJam pero declined!

    Funny, sa initial message ko sinabi ko, “Hermann Weber?”

    Hmmmmmmm! 😉

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