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Model with German, Italian, Chinese and Vietnamese blood, Benjamin Tang is under the sun and he’s mighty sexy! This Bench Body model is one of the more sought after male mods in town for ramp shows, magazine editorials and tv commercials. Happy Friday everyone!
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  1. I’ve seen this guys in person and he is the definition of GORGEOUS! So flawlessly handsome. Wish I could lick those pits!

  2. I used to like Hideo a lot pero may angulo sy lately na muha siyang matanda at bungal…i dont know.. Benjamin is Super hot..yan ang atawan… pati ang notes laging pulupot underneath the undies sa haba… i like his built

  3. Sawa na din ako sa mga er na kumakain ng Lucky Me araw araw. Aanhin ang pogi at maganda katawan kung mahirap pa sa daga! gusto ko naman makatikim ng class! Gaya nitong Benjamin tang! Pak!

  4. this hottie definitely rocks my world but i heard he is ben chan’s favorite boy toy now. benched by ben chan i suppose. 😀

  5. Dapat kasi i-feature mo na lang RD yung mga may class na boys gaya nito, pero dapat din nakatrunks at briefs hehehe

  6. Yan ang hunk! Dapat mag work double time mga models natin na chaka para magkaroon sila ng ganyang katawan at tindig!

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