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Where’s Hideo?

Oh where, oh where can Hideo Muraoka be? Now that the three nippo-brasileiros are making waves in Manila’s showbiz and modeling venues, the fourth guy who made an impact on our collective consciousness as the handsome Brazilian who posed provocatively for F&H in his undies has gone missing from our shores. Some say he has gone off to an Asian country for greener pastures. Others reveal that sexy Hideo has returned to his native Brazil to get married and settle down. He should come back, don’t you think? Hideo’s awfully missed these days.
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  1. eto ang dapat pinasikat, hindi yung fabio na yan na kung tutuusin hindi naman kagwapuhan, mestizo lang… tapos puro bilbil at flabs pa! namimihasa ata sa pag order ng extra rice!

  2. RD, have you already featured Leandro Okabe’s pictures here in your blog? Personally, I find him the most handsome of the Japanese-Brazilian models.

  3. Wala na bumalik na sa brazil si hideo. may anak na siya sa asawa niya. nakapagipon na daw kasi siya… dapat ifeature nyo pa siya para bumalik. bring out all those sexy photos of him!!!

  4. Thanks a lo for this one RD:) I hope bumalik siya dito and stay here for good like Aki..

    (for male celebrity armpits!)

  5. To Anonymous May 1, 2010 5:47 PM, haughtiness won’t bring you further than you think. It was just a simple comment. So masaya ka na? At nailabas mo ang katarayan mo?

  6. he just got married to a girl named fatima, and now he’s a father…they are currently staying in sao paolo….soon they’ll be in spain when their new born baby is allowed to travel….

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