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Will Devaughn, Big Brother winner

Tonight will be the grand night of the Big Brother: Celebrity 2 edition, where William Devaughn Stumpf, better known as Will Devaughn is one of the Big Four finalists. The 25-year-old multi-racial [German, Filipino, African-American] male model is the only good-looking guy left in the Big Brother house, and, he’s got the queer and girl votes. Will is supporting the Brave Kids Foundation [a charity for kids with cancer], which stands to benefit from the big payout in case he wins tonight’s grand reveal.
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  1. I don’t think Will stands a good chance this evening. Gaby had an impressive number of votes when she was a candidate for eviction so she just might be the winner, whether the belief that her wealth has something to do with the big turnout of votes or not, is true. I have watched the PBB editions and this one ending tonight I think is the worst. Labas-masok ang mga housemates. Ano ba ‘yan, may rules pa kunwari, pero at the drop of a hat or the PBB executives’ whim, binebend ang rules. Parating malulungkot at ngumangalngal ang mga housemates, and they are not tears of joy most of the time. Nagpapa-power trip ang bossing na ABS-CBN powers-that-be. Hurray for Mackoy for sticking to his guns and throwing shit at Big Brother’s unseen face. I don’t think whatever exposure the housemates got in the show isn’t worth all the demeaning, degrading, and humiliating activities and situations they have been subjected to, or worth the prizes dangled before them. This summer’s edition was still, for me, the most interesting, and the batch the most likeable.

  2. Yes, go for it, Will! You have been my early favorite since PBB celeb2 began. You combine both the charm and the innate goodness to make it.

    Gayrrls, let’s support Will. Text BB Will and send to 231 for smart, and 2366 for Globe.

    If your load is overflowing, support Riza too. I like her. Text BB Riza and send to 231 for smart, and 2366 for Globe.

    I would like both Will and Riza to get the top 2 plums to keep Will away from Ethel’s Boob-y traps when he moves out of the house, and onto my arms. (Wish ko lang). Hahaha

    (my guesstimate)…hitler will turn in his grave if he hears about this guy. are you sure he is not Jamaican from Brooklyn?*****

  4. we used to hang out w/ this guy before at vbar or rockwell’s rock climbing before, about 2-3yrs ago. he was skinny back then. i’d take him home to his condo along w/ his then gf rachel. the latter would sometimes confide w/ us as how they beat up each other, will is quite a beater huh mind you. good part is when rachel shared w/ us how well endowed this german-black guy is! not my type though

  5. this thread just got even more interesting…me violent streak pala behind the sweet smile. KALOKAAHH!! and yes, i do agree. supermegatumbling ang hitler pag nagtagpo sila ni papa will, nadurog nang pinong pino ang aryan supremacy chuvaness na kanyang ipinagpupugay. kung sabagay, me tamang violente pala ang papa, matutuwa pa rin papaano si adolf. :O

  6. Does anyone have a link to where I could download his scandal? Crush ko kasi siya. I wanna confirm if he is indeed 9.

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