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Born and raised in Melbourne, hot 22-year-old model Gerard Sison came to the country in 2008 to party for three weeks in Boracay. After his beach stint, he tried his luck at modeling for the runways in Manila. This 6′-tall hunk was already a seasoned model back in Australia, so the job came easy for him. He has since stayed in Manila for modeling work.
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  1. tangina! ang sarap! lalo na pag tiningnan mo ang lower abs. parang napaka igas ng abs! m type! at ang pubes! super love i!

  2. I used to think Gerard was rather plain-looking, at least for a model: but this pic certainly made me think otherwise.

    He is smoking hot! Smoldering gaze. flat, taut tummy (I agree on the lower abs comment). full, luscious lips. perky nips. and i never knew that he had a tattoo in his arm.

    nice one RD!

  3. true!….???…. he has then stayed in the country after his bora stint for modelling …. and yes! —— ooohh … for booking too! hahahaha!

  4. hmm.. i hardly recognize him from his previous photos. i love the lean body, not too much muscle.
    He has powerful intense eyes.

    (why is there an absence of gay bashing comments about this guy’s sexuality? must be because he’s too straight looking or none of our sisters had many chances to bed him)

  5. @redherring, walang bahid ng booking yan! may designer nga nagsabi sa kanya, “ur god’s easter gift to me”, ngumanga lang beki! hahaha!

  6. Marunong ba namang magTagalog? Ang mga Pinoy ang hilig hilig talaga sa mga hybrid. Bakit di sila mag searcb nation wide at gawin yung ginagawa sa Venezuela na nireretoke ang mga flaws ng mga contestants sa Ms Universe baga isalang sa camera. Kaya nga ang daming magagandanag Venezuelans. Gawin kaya nating pamantayan yun sa mga bagong gustong magartista bago isabak sa mga talent reality shows? Pwede????

    –Indoy Badidoy

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