Hot Men in the Philippines

Yay or Nay?

While we’re at it, here’s Gil Cuerva serving some BL feels: pale, tall, adorable and reed-thin. He may be putting on the lust in those undies but I can’t actually decide if he’s cute or sexy owing to that boyish smile and bulge.

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  1. Our wish is RD’s command. My other boy fantasy in green underwear. Gosh, sasabog na ang dibdib ko sa kabog.

    This is the kind of guy na alam mong hindi nagbebenta ng flesh meat. Look at the nipples, hindi lamog sa lapirot at kagat. Ooooh, Gil! I love you.

    Next wish: Vince Crisostome. Char! Tapos pag nag-18 na si Wil Ashley, s’ya naman. Char, char! Haha!

  2. Who need to go to Taiwan for some sensual massage when you have this kind of beauty in the Pinas.

    1. Tinakpan ng tissue. Talent ang kusang nagtatakip dyan sa pictorial kasi alam nila sa sobrang sensitive ng camera naaaninag ang nasa loob lalo na kung mataas resolution pag nag zoom in kita lahat

  3. I actually like him nung long hair pa kasi sya lng nag iisang longhair sa gma, so that differs him for all the leading man there unique lng nung nagpa cut na wala na parang typical gma artista nalang.

    1. Bakla ipahinga mo n nga ung dom roque fantasy stories n yan lahat n lng ng hunk at gwapong artista lage mo kinokonek yan adik k yata at baliw na🤣

  4. He should start shedding off the squeeky clean boyish look, sana ma cast siya as kanto-boy basagulero madungis mekaniko…. lets see if he can pull that off, then lab ko na sya as an artista!

  5. He is really a sweet soft twinky bottom. Perfect for submissive abused boy role sa Japanese gay porn.

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