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Young and Free

The sight of cute and fresh boys is balm for the weary soul. It’s Fetching Friday and we have three boys to heat it up. These guys flew under the (site’s) radar and they’re worth a second look this time.  Raven Molina (left) is a Business Management student at the Lyceum. PJ Go (center) has been in showbiz and modeling fringes for quite some time now, still waiting for his biggest break. Benedict Siao competed in the recent edition of Mister Chinatown, and he’s been modeling ever since. Take your pick!

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      1. Wow may nanood din pala ng Mad TV dito. Idol na idol ko si Debra Wilson. The best Oprah impersonator in the whole universe.

  1. Raven Molina is my neighbor and he is straight. Chech his IG, andami basketball shoes and branded apparel. May sponsor kaya? He looks good in person and head turner talaga kahit naka pambahay lang

    1. Well, if his filthy rich di katakataka but if middle class malamang naubos savings ng parents nya sa kabibili nya ng ganyan, then may sponsor malamang.

  2. Gusto ko si PJ. bf material. saw him once sa megamall. when i saw him, i thought he looks familiar. di ako mahilig sa rounder face guys pero ang lakas ng appeal nya. litaw na hunk sya and natakam ako. i searched and found out he is PJ nga.

  3. Maganda lang fez ni Raven pero feeling ko bland, walamg sex appeal. I’d rather go for Benedict mukhang palaban hahahah

  4. Ang cute ng nasa gitna. Parang ang sarap maging boyfriend tapos araw araw chuchupain mo at magpapakantot ka.

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