Kananete [The Infidel]

Sampal ng kananete
napa-este ang peste nagkandaleche-leche
sino sino sino ba
ang nagsabing tao ka?
sino sino sino ba
ang pumatol sa tanga.

The digital short Kananete [The Infidel], directed by Rosswill Hilario, will have its world premiere tomorrow at the gala night of the Manila Pride Fest at Robinson’s Galleria Movieworld IndieSine. The 22-minute movie is the familiar story of two men who “set out to redefine a home in our present society…defying norms and pushing through lies and forgiveness.” One of the lead actors is 29-year-old Marc Mendoza [photo above].

2 thoughts on “Kananete [The Infidel]”

  1. juice ko ang chaka chaka nyan ha! maghubad ba?! haller! parang nagjubad na rin si rene requestas! kadiriiiiii!!!!!!!!!

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