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Oh, we’re loving Mark Bautista these days! His Full Monty shows have been packed, probably by curious happy people on Marky’s near-propensity to bare all on stage, live. Of course, he has a great voice, too. In the meantime, we’ll just have to content ourselves with a selfie of the sexy singer after his stint at the tanning salon.
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  1. kung magpapa sexy talaga to, itataob nya si jake cuenca na overrated…ang sexy ng katawan, at certified biggie to!!!!

  2. mark got everything: kissable lips, chinky eyes, sexy body, and sexy voice. and of course his voice…fuck me marky!

  3. They really did the full monty in the finale!!! Just get ready with the strong lights. Split of a second but you’ll definitely see it hahaha

  4. RD, chinachallenge ka ni pinoywatching oh! Baka sasabihing siya ang nauna nung Kenneth Salva na post! Ipost mo na yun kasi RD!

  5. just recently watched “the full monty”, sobrang kinis niya nung nka red tong sa last part ng play..kudos mark

  6. Di naman talaga kagwapuhan si Mark but it’s his appeal (and voice) that makes people like him. At least di ka magsasawa sa itsura. Also, he’s very nice, mabuting tao.

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