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There must be an angel…

That’s Mark Cortez as an angel in a bikini. He’s appeared before in rather raunchy underwear shows, foremost of which was the Glamour Boys 2007 search in Lips Bar [Aurora Blvd, San Juan, M.M.], where he was a weekly winner and a finalist. Too, it wasn’t a bikini contest, as the contestants didn’t have to wear bikinis. Mark is known also for his Prince Albert or beading implants.
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  1. ang beading po mga ate ay bulitas ang prince albert naman ay yung hikaw sa ulo g nota… karaniwan yun yung semi circle na siver earing na may dalawang bilog sa dulo…. beading and prince albert is not similar kaya which is which po ba meron ang batang ito??? kung prince albert huh! lakas ng loob nya kasi masakit ikabit yun….

  2. Di ba masakit din yung bulitas o Prince Albert sa bibig o sa dila? Kundi man masakit ay istorbo at nakakabawas sa sarap ng smooth, delicate, and delicious sliding and slurping and sucking. Maybe the implant would tickle the vagina some more but it won’t add to or enhance the pleasure of a gay guy’s oral job.

  3. @dyosa…nag e-mail na ako sa iyo…la ka pa ring response?????nasan ng mga pix …plzzzz….naglalaway ng lolah mo!!!!hehehehehe!!!!

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