The thing is, we may never know what goes on between these two, whether as acquaintances, good friends or something else like “the love that dare not speak its name.” One thing is certain, though. They both look good together. 

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49 thoughts on “ZuTin”

  1. action speaks louder than words. non verbal, body positioning…. happy for them! it would liberate them, once they do not make any further attempt to fabricate. gow ng gow and happiness becomes complete!

  2. madalas yan si martin sa subdivision sa q.c kung san nakatira si zuher 🙂 ang sweet nila habang nag swiswimming! haha

  3. Anuver rd! Aminado naman tong dalawang toh sa mga fellow peppers nila noh! So hindi ka pala pepper rd? Hihihi.

  4. who cares about these zutin paoken talks. let ’em f**k their brains out. indeed who cares about toyboys, boylets, poklets, vaklets, etc. how about bring back dick-a-day?

  5. LOL @ “ZuTin” it rhymes with “utin” hahaha!

    Bad ka RD! Hihihi

    Looks so sweet and they look good together..sobrang kakakilig!!! 🙂

  6. you cannot make me hate martin del rosario. e ano naman kung gay sya. keber! ibig sabihin …ME CHANCE AKO SA KANYA!!!!!

  7. martin = bayot.

    zuher= kabayot.

    hahahaha. chaka talaga ni zuher he must be really good in bed kaya siya pinatulan ni martin!

  8. Anonymous said…
    Sana man lang pumili si Martin ng mas ok sa Dos hindi ang mukhang bisugo na si Zuher! Di sila bagay no!


    None of your business. Hindi ka naman party sa relationship nila. As long as they’re happy being together and they don’t hurt you, let them be.

  9. obvious yata na photoshop yung pic?
    blurred sa bandang siko at yung pag overlap sa ulo ni martin kay zuher talagang na photoshop. pinutol at dinikit lang. hehehe

  10. makati ave yang zuher nayan madami na babaliw na mga gwapo to think na hindi nman ka-gwapuhan.. yung ex ko na artista na den ngayon na biktima niyan.

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