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Christmas in the air..

Oh, quite frankly, I’m just using the title as a reason to post a photo of Mc Auriel Gagan here, who posed and preened for the cameras some time back [when he was still a Computer Engineering student] for a Christmas issue of a magazine.  A native of Quezon province, Mc Auriel now works as a computer programmer for an established IT corporation somewhere in Ortigas Center in Pasig City.  According to one office mate [who requested via email for an image of Mr. Gagan – and, you know who you are!], he is “really stunning in person.”  So there, here’s a picture!
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  1. he’s already not working in our company for an unfavorable reason, he too i guess don’t want to talk about.

    i was saddened with what happened, not only i won’t be seeing him again but for a good career that had just disappeared in his hand.

    i hope he finds another good enough and not to have himself be exploited with.. nah! i don’t to elaborate any further.

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