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Happy Mondays with Miguel Benedicto

Boyish-looking Miguel Benedicto used to be on German Moreno’s Teenstars, as one of the more good-looking teens singing and dancing late at night on weekends. These days, the 23-year-old hottie is taking up M.A. Media Studies-Film at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, QC. Prior to that, he has a degree in Mass Communications from the Far Eastern University, where he also starred in the theater guild productions. Athletic Miguel is also the owner of Heavenly Bodies Fitness Center.
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  1. sige, papa! hilahin mo pa ang lahat ng mga preynds mo na nasa ikapitong planeta din ang mga karir, jubadan na itech! slurp! slurp!

  2. COME ON RD! its day 7 of the new year and we still haven’t seen any of your famous “dick of the day”. post. rainy days are over in pinas and flips are already starting to shed their their raincoats, parkas and hoodies. FAVOUR US WITH SOME REAVELING SHOTS, PLEASE…(you’re not waiting for chinese new year, are you?)*****

  3. ONE SMART COOKIE…altho i have to zoom in the bottom pics (that he is not giving me the one finger salute). gratifying to hear of showbiz alumnus making positive career diversions. negative word for miguel, MUSHROOMS ARE NOT THE MOST ATTRACTIVE VEGGIES*****

  4. ganun?? will it be not totally entertaining to see an ass like this bamboozled for all he’s worth? sweet revenge…LOL

  5. point taken. LOL! he can be too full of himself at times. okay, he’s got the pretty face, we give him that; but saying that his eyes’ natural color is gray while it’s so obvious that they’re contacts is one too many ticks off the jerk’o-meter.

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