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This guy looks like Piolo Pascual

Rico Lazaro was one of the contestants in the recently-held Mister Philippines 2007. Pageant host Angel Aquino took note of him because of his uncanny resemblance onstage to actor Piolo Pascual. The 27-year old freelance model has joined and won several bikini pageants prior to his stint at the Mister Philippines pageant. In 2005, this Cavite province-native won the Mr. Young Philippines-World title. His best friend is Ginoong Pilipinas 2007 winner and Mister Philippines near-miss, Dennis Barrion aka Denver Olivarez, also from Cavite.
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  1. hi can anyone give me his contact nos..i’m a piolo-lover and will do anything to have him but geez..why settle for the real thing when you can have the same or even better like rico, right?? please please send me his nos

  2. Yah. He looks like piolo but in a weird kinda way. Maybe because he knows that he does look a “bit” like piolo and is trying even harder to look like him.

  3. Maybe a realtive of Piolo Pascuals… He comes close, but no cigar. Piolo has the X factor, the “it” factor…the…well, you all know…

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