Real Guy: Noel Belo

In the previous post on the er-guys, I blinked on The Bartender. It’s his job to remember your name. Your favorite drink. To chat you up a bit and make you feel extra special. Then the free shots with dirty names – such as Blow Job, A Boner, Scratchy Asshole, Screaming Orgasm, Penis Pirate and Sex in a Tree – come in. Of course, you feel most welcome and you always come back. All because of the cute, peppy and chatty bartender. Because that is his job, regardless of whether or not he will go out on a date with you. If you get lucky, the big date would have to be at 4 a.m. after his shift. And here’s thirty-year old Noel Belo, who was a bartender at the House of Minis Restaurant. A thrice-a-week gym bunny and swimmer, this bartender is a native of Lucena City.

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