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Orlando Sol shows some tight lovin’

Orlando Sol, is 21 years old and the more popular member of the boy group M-Gage [short for Male Engagement]. Touted as the look-alike of actor Yul Servo, he “has the highest vocal range, can sing falsetto, loves to body build and has the strongest sex appeal” in the group, according to the Viva Records website. Orlando Sol started out in theater [he topbilled Quiapo: The Musical sponsored by the University of the East] and now he is trying out tv and acting. Orlando Sol was last seen as one of the featured boys in the musical play Ilusyonada staged at Metro Bar two years ago. The group M-Gage performs regularly on weekends at Punchline, Laffline and Metro sing-along bars, all in Quezon City.
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  1. gosh, this boy has grown into a stallion! hmm…these butt shots are fresh from the latest ish of redhot mag, which i highly recommend. (also in that issue is ram ace bautista with his hard cock struggling and teasing inside his undies – red hot, this is a free plug huh).. but rd, why didn’t you include orlando’s very revealing frontal shots? that one on page 8 of redhot showing him soiled down to his bikini is a real hardener.

    ohh orlando sol ohhhhh…look, my orlando, i got a locked jaw..and pleassssse, help me unfreeze my O. hahaha

  2. MCDONALD’S BURGER BUNS…lightly toasted without the sesame seeds. paired with a slab of juicy meat (which I am sure Orly has more than a 1/4 pounder to spare) what a delicious manly square meal, anytime. with treats like this…SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR 2008 DIET PLANS…i’ll make amend by washing it down with ZERO COKE.

  3. Yul Servo? Really?! I beg to differ, but Orlando is a million times better-looking. The smile alone can melt you. Ooooohhh…..

  4. The guy looks yummier than McDo buns. He has really grown from his early days with direk maryo j., when he had a Japanese-sounding name. Mukhang palaban na siya ngayon.

  5. Maganda ang mukha, katawan at puwet, pero yung pose niya saka suot na thong ay mas pambabae, pang-cheesecake. For some strange reason, in spite of the face, body, and butt, hindi ako nalilibugan.

  6. i think those buns are organic….hes a very natural person….saw him one time buying health food at one of the local supermarkets a year ago…..hummmm i just love organic/natural food…raw and healthy…..

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