Have you seen Versus?

Yes, I’m referring to that direct-to-video movie of Paolo Rivero and Paolo Serrano [in photo]. It’s supposed to be the story between two neighbors who develop a liking for each other and the ensuing sex scenes get to be told in graphic detail.  The blurb for the video says that it’s all about “the stages of gay love.” Now, interesting enough, while Paolo Rivero goes daring [with a bit of frontal exposure in a long shot], the formerly controversial Paolo Serrano – who exposed himself barefaced in a DIY amateur video a few months back – is rather coy and sweet and reserved in Versus. Which means there are no, uh, delightful scenes of this guy in the movie, unless you have a thing for pubes.  Oh well, there’s always the amateur video…

18 thoughts on “Have you seen Versus?”

  1. any hot kissing scene between the two guys in this movie, ala “daybreak” type of m2m kissing? sometimes, a kiss can be just be as hot …

  2. I’m waiting for the dvd of this. Bad trip, ang tagal irelease. Regularly ako nagpupunta sa record bars to check if available na… until today, hindi pa.
    VCD pa lang available.

  3. would somebody kindly lend me the contact number of paolo serrano? i am really crazy over this hot guy. i would be very willing to pay his price. please somebody… e-mail me at jon_340@yahoo.com or text me at 09282305083. thanks sisters.

  4. the kiss wasn’t as hot as Daybreak’s pero merong simulated 69’s and BJ’s … hot hot hot

    walang frontal or silips like sa M2M 2 except for pao rivero, merong medyo malayong kuha with him lying in bed, di nga lang erect…

    overall cool film, di cheap ang shots, may pagkaartistic pa nga… hot din ang scenes ng dalawa, not to mention both have hot bods

    medyo OA lang umarte si Serrano, si Rivero medyo natural pa…

  5. PAOLO is oozing juices of the male pinoy sexuality. untypical and unstereotype. the sprinkling of body hair makes anyone quiver and lust all over. the manly face makes you not turn off the light at night but just stare in admiration at such serene beauty. whoever said that Heaven showered all nations with beautiful things is corret coz Paolo, dear Paolo is God’s gift to us.

  6. Daybreak made me lust on Coco and Paolo. They are pretty hot indeed. Now Paolo vs Paolo, parehong very hot. C paolo nakita naman ninyo kung gano kalaki ang nota ng hombre na yan. Dapat king of m2m movie yan. Tapos c Rivero pa. Hays napakayummy. Pachupa naman Paolo2.10 kiao yata c Serrano. Anyone who has tasted dat ratbu na sobra dakota harrison.

  7. ang sarap sarap ng sex scenes nila especially yung nasa top si Pao Rivero habang pina-pump siya ni Pao Serrano… HOT!!!!

  8. SEX POSITIONS…now i really have a good reason to see this movie “Versus”. am wondering how a topman could be “pumped” by a bottom. whose projectile-nozzle is doing the filler-up? Madre Mia, it defies directional logic…maybe i have to double-check my dusty sex-manuals in the basement. O yeah, better brush on the Kama Sutra too. we’re talking Asians pala, before i forget.

  9. paolo serrano on my bed would be a perfect gift this christmas. look at his undies: full-packed with aroma of cocky goodies!

  10. just got the dvd from astrovision. then went straight home. popped it in the dvd player. got hard and got off. kahit 350Php for so little, ok na rin. hehe

    kitang kita sa behind-the-scenes ang…plaster galore. sayang.

  11. Sayang nga lang… Kasi obvious sa ibang scenes yung plaster nilang dalawa… Kahit yun frontal kuno ni Pao RIvero, parang fake… Ang layo kasi ng shot… Pero over-all ang hot ng mga sex scenes… 🙂

  12. do you have a torrent link for this video?! when this movie was released?! was trying to search the net for any links or website of the film.. can you post a link? thanks…

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