Justin Big Boy

If you like big boys with knockout legs then 26-year-old Justin Coveney might just be the guy for your taste! This Filipino-Australian member of the PRFU Volcanoes [he didn’t don the tight briefs in the controversial Bench Body shoot, too bad] is a lawyer, model and actor in Oz.

80 thoughts on “Justin Big Boy”

  1. Hmmm ang yummy ng big legs nya. 🙂 Ako trip ko yung magkapatid na moreno dun yung Saunders. 🙂 Lalo na may bisexual silang kapatid na soccer player din na si BEN SAUNDERS. 🙂

  2. he is coming this november for a few days…sana may mag shoot ng sexy photos with brief…love him…he is big ,hot and very sweet and nice….i want him to be my bighusband

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