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Bringing back Niko

I recently came across this old [read: 5 years ago] photo of Aimann Manuel Perea aka Niko Arellano of the Men of Provoq, when he was 10lbs. heavier [hair included]. Niko is the tallest, funniest and well-liked member in his group. Plus he’s got a nice, lean and hairy bod, too. I was egging Lex Bonife [Parola, Antonio] to cast him, too, in one of his movies with Viva Digital. Lex was saying he is too tall, which makes it doubly difficult to find a partner for him. Any suggestions , guys?
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  1. I have been trying to click on the links highlighted in blue but they only take me to the warning page and when I click on I agree blah blah, it wouldn’t take me in or lead me to the page… Something wrong? Or is the link gone?

  2. i like him better now–leaner and meaner. i think he’s underrated since much of the spotlight is on either johnron or harry.

  3. Of the provoq men, I like Niko the best. He just turns me on! His lean, sculpted physique, his manly face, the hairs trailing down his abs make him so much more of a man than either Harry or Johnron who look a bit boyish (gorgeous, yes, but boyish) for me. Plus he has eyes that convey his inner naughtiness and confidence. If he needs a partner, hold an open casting. I’ll gladly audition! I’m sure so will a lot of other gay men. Hahaha!

  4. slept with him twice na and he is really hot…oh my hairy boy!!!! plus he is so sweet…i feel like i am his teddy bear…he loves to hug and hug…and i love to blow and blow….Love u Niko!

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