Everybody loves Harry!

That’s Harry with the new Provoq magazine
Harry with Niko Arellano
Harry with Maico Eduria aka Josh Ivan Morales
Harry with Johnron Tanada

Harry Laurel aka Harry Chua, easily became the crowd favorite earlier tonight at the Cruise show of the Men of Provoq. The youngest in the peeled pack at 20 years, Harry’s baptism of fire as the newest member of the glam stripteasers of Viva Entertainment went amazingly fine. Of course, it went very well since he was in thongs throughout the stark extravaganza, together with the boys. For more compelling photos of this cute chinito from Bicol province [he recently graduated from the Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation in his home province], buy the new Provoq magazine out now in magazine stands [check out CV Magazines in Landmark Makati or Freddie’s near KFC Welcome Rotonda].

8 thoughts on “Everybody loves Harry!”

  1. just watched it (cruise),it was fun! though we had to stand there and wait around 3 hrs b4 d show started but d feast for d eyes “make up” for it (R those seated d VIP tickets?) Yup harry did shine,esp in d pole where i was looking below! hehehe

  2. Ano ba ang ethnology niyang si Harry Chua? He could pass for a Korean. But according to some, Koreans are the most handsome men in Asia, with their fair skin, good height and more body hair than Pinoys. A bonus – they are tuli. Very rare ang gays sa Korea, hindi pa sila liberated, mostly closeted.


  3. In your opinion, is it really worth the buy? Is it more daring than their previous bookazine? I really di hope that my favorites Niko, Justin and Harry bared more!

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