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This is not a public service site where you can mandate what you deserve or do not deserve. At most, you can only post nasty and bitter comments that reflect your pre-lucid interval states. Which means, as this blog does not have any sense, you have to take every post not too seriously. Having said that, the good news is – Johnron [image above, sans make-up, sans jockeys!] will also haul in his co-Provoq members for the upcoming photo shoot with me.
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  1. Wow!! This is getting more frequent. I’m havin a blast! Thanks indeed for Johnron’s photo. Can we have something more revealing than this?

    I just dont agree with when you said that this site doesn’t have any sense. You are doing a great job making a lot of gay people in the Philippines very happy and I know you are exerting effort, energy and money doing this and you are here for a long haul, are these reasons not enough for you to say this blog doesn’t make any sense? To paraphrase Harol Kushner, I think of this site as a good book, the further you get into it the more it makes sense.

    All things make sense, you just have to fathom how they make sense.

  2. Can’t wait for the photos you will take (unguarded moments will be awesome!)for Johnron and Provoq photoshoot! Close-up pleaseee! Ya know what I mean. Hehehe!!

  3. 1st time here. luv ur site, moderator. just wanna say im an avid fan of johnron tanada. thanks for featuring him on ur site. i wish i could meet him when i come home for a vacation. best regards and thanks again, mr. moderator for doing such a good job

  4. Ay, tila napikon si RD. Saang post kaya siya naimbyerna? Okey naman ang mga comments ha. Very lively nga at disparate, iba-iba. Democratic pa.

    At least ngayon, balik na yata sa dati ang dami, ang pagiging sari-sari at intense ng mga comments. Di ba for a while, masyadong matamlay ang reaction sa blog?

    RD, dapat nga i-encourage mo pa. Wag lang yung mga super-kabastusan.

    Pero salamat pa rin. Super talaga ang blog na ito. Hwag ka na uli magpalit ng blog name, ha?

  5. I am so glad that jhonron is back again. I’m a fan and I have met him na before in person and he was really nice. More power.

    Thanks for the pics RD…can’t wait for more! more power to this site. TC!

    Love yah Jhonron! hehehe

  6. This blog does not have any sense? Naku, mareng RD, I disagree. Being a source of pleasure does make sense. I love pornography. It serves a purpose, contrary to the protestations of hypocrites and moralists. Thank you for the visual treats!

    Kaw naman, kino-quote mo pa nun ang Chocolate Factory. You are taking tbe cbaracter too seriously. Nagpapa-modest lang yun. Wonka’s candy makes sense. It brings joy and pleasure. And unlike candy, porn does not make one fat unless he just lies in bed all day and eat.

    In fact even if one gets to eat (in another way) the yummy, delicious, scrumptious guy you so teasingly post here, di nakakataba at nakakadagdag ng sugar at cholesterol. Konting protein lang. Hahaha!

  7. RD i congratulate you for coming up with this blog. part of my daily routine is to open this site. more power

  8. parang natakot tuloy ako magpost ng comment dito. marami kasing maarteng mga vierwers, imbes mag-enjoy eh puro reklamo lang ginagawa kaya ayan imbyerna si rd. i gotta have my own blog na hehehe.

  9. thank you RD for posting Johnron.. dont mind those negativas who is deluded that theyre pretty as hell. I suggest to make this blog PRIVATE and ofcourse dont forget to invite me!

  10. “Johnron [image above, sans make-up, sans jockeys!] will also haul in his co-Provoq members for the upcoming photo shoot with me.”

    you lucky bastard! 🙂

    i -hipo mo naman ako hahaha
    or sell tickets

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