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I received an email yesterday from Jeff Tabason, seeking support for his group – Grupong Sinehan, Queeriosity. The group has produced a video called M2M Eyeball [photo stills above], directed by Crisanto Pablo, who made the indie digital queer-themed movies “Duda”, “Bathhouse”, “Bilog”, “Pitong Dalagita”, “Metlogs”, “Moreno”, “Retaso”, “Kiss Meeh Manananggal Me” and “SEB: Cyber Game of Love.” The video is not yet available in stores but you can get the unrated copy for Php 250 from Jeff [ +639164120743]. Add another Php 250 and you can also avail of the Coverboyz Fantasies video – of course, unrated also [according to Jeff: includes butt exposure, frontal nudity, and cum shots]. For more info, you may contact Jeff in his site or at the Queeriosity site.
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  1. Guys, out na ang Cruise Fashion show ng Men of Provoq in DVD..Grabeee yung number ni Justin de leon, so seductive and sizzling hot..nagpasilip ng konti by accident when he is about to cover the plaster after removing his japanese fundoshi by a girl dancer…so HOTTTTT!!!! grabee talaga si Justin, nakakaelya!

  2. si crisanto pablo bang may gawa ng querriosity??? nyekks!!!di ba sya rin sa moreno????? that movie was so disgustingly BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!SAYANG LANG PERA KO!!!!interested ang lolah dun sa coverboyz fantazies!!!!sana di gawa ni c.pablo yun!!! sana masulit pambili pag out na sa market!!! yung stardancer kaya????mahal daw yun ..1thou!!!meron na kaya yun sa pirated???? hehehehehehe!!!!

  3. SISTER PLAY…or dry f**k, that’s all it is!!! from the looks on their faces they are not doing xxx sex or acting is soooohhhhh bad. NOT VERY PROMISING…i might(as always) be wrong so let me hear your reviews.

    ARE THOSE IKEA FURNITURES in a cluttered flat? very tacky…it must have been shot in a warm country (by the amount of pop they stock up).*****

  4. nyeks..anonymous-1:19—gateway sa cubao? ang layo!! nasa cavite po ako! hehehehehe!!! matanong nga sa odyssey sa southmall…sana meron sila.complete ba kaya…kasama yung mga dance numbers na may frontal exposure daw??? thank.

  5. ipokrita ang anonymous (january 27, 2008 7:03 PM). e saan naman kukunan ang ganyang video kundi sa pinas din? ayaw mo ng warm country e taga pinas ka din? nakatuntong ka lang ata sa yelo at nagka frostbite e ayaw mo ng makakita ng ganyang itsura? e di wag kang ng umuwi dito. warm country ang pinas at baka pawisin ang frozen puki mo ha? ang location ng video ay depende sa story. panuorin mo muna at unawain ang story bago mo sabihin na tacky ang place ha, nene?

  6. Ang Stardancer DVD/VCD nasa stores na. And kakakuha ko lang ng Unrated version ng M2M Eyeball. Lots of frontal nudity and even a masturbation scene (as in clearly showing balls, dick, and the hand around it!)

    I’m just waiting for the Coverboyz Fantasis Unrated version, because it’s supposed to show me even more than what I saw in M2M Eyeball.

    I guess Cris Pablo has already heard everyone’s feedback about the lack of nudity in all his previous films. Grabe, bumawi siya!

  7. hey guys, got my copy of M2m eyeball from kamias! It was SOOOOO GREEAT! 🙂

    let support this Queeriosity project for more indi films like these.

    I wonder if the commercial version of it will be the same as the sponsor complitments?

  8. sayang na naman pera ko. another cheap video. bat ba ako di nag tanda sa mga cris pablo videos na napanud ko before. tsk tsk

  9. I’ve received the “compli copy” of M2M Eyeball the Video from a beautiful effem staff of queeriosity as an exchange for the P250 worth of sponsorship for Queeriosity Project under Cris Pablo’s Grupong Sinehan.
    I’ve read all your comments re: the video. Medyo hindi ATA naintindihan ng iba ang napanood nila.
    M2M EB is an example of vignette type of video…

    >Vignette (literature), short, impressionistic scenes that focus on one moment or give a particular insight into a character, idea, or setting
    >Vignette (entertainment), a brief scene, skit or sketch; used in Vaudeville, on variety shows, comedy programs, adult entertainment, talk shows or certain children’s television programs (such as Sesame Street, The Electric Company or Between the Lions); a vignette could include footage of a “man on the street” on shows like David Letterman or Jay Leno, or a video clip shown on a professional wrestling program

    Parang provoq, viva hot men, fantasya, and hubad…

    It’s not a theatrical flick. Yun.

    Coz iv seen it.

    And understand it!

  10. Sino yung mga anti Crisa pablo dito? Ako rin eh. NAkakatamad mga pelikula nya.
    Kamusta naman ang mag dick shots? Maniwala. Yung daybreak nga walang kakwenta kwenta…

    Naku. Magsasayang lang kayo ng pera!!!

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