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Rafael Rosell at the Be Bench Finals

Spotted, too, at the Bench Finals Night was Rafael Rosell, the quintessential underwear model for the clothing brand. Rafael, who once declared in the gay pulp MetroHim that he sleeps in the nude and that he doesn’t like wearing underwear, was one of the featured models in the brief[s] show during the finals night of the Be Bench: Be Famous or Be Anonymous Model Search. This time, however, he didn’t do his capoeira Angola moves in his skivvies, unlike in the opener of the Bench Fever show last year.
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  1. ‘WHY THIS BLOG DOESN’T MAKE SENSE’ remember that line. now you found out the dirty meaning of palenkera and parlorista – people with dirt on their sandals and mouth of foul smell. ganyan ang klaseng taong makukuha mo sa blogs kung bibigyan mo sila ng open invitation o a blank cheque to fill in. anyway, the show is not over until the fat lady sings. time heals and sheer conservatism will prevail (look at the queen, she is still there. bad example of my british heritage. let us simply say, gloria romero is still there). what’s next? its your move on the chessboard.

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