Ram Ace is wet and wild, too.

Hunky Ram Ace Bautista is wet and wild in whities! Remember Ram Ace, guys? He’s the one who made a big fuss recently about his father being a former senator [and action movie hero] from Cavite. The bikini contest veteran, who is originally from Kawit, Cavite is now ensconced [safe, secure and comfy] in a cozy condo somewhere in Mandaluyong City. Which means, we’ll be seeing less of him for now…

9 thoughts on “Ram Ace is wet and wild, too.”

  1. bakit nd ko na makita yung ibang pix nya dati na naka white briefs lang din?sana i-post ulit sya….he’s my third fav next to Ido Victor and Gabriel Fajardo.hihihi!!!pls…
    thanks RD!

  2. Baka nirecognize na siya ni big daddy niya. Naalala ko tuloy ang Little Red Riding Hood: “Oh granny, what big ears you have…” The same goes for his nose and notes. I love his tightie whities. I love you forever Ram! Marry me!!!

    Mmm sana magcomment dito si demure, miss ko rin mga comments nun.

  3. di kaya si john aspen ang sponsor ng condo ni ram ace???? hehehehehe!!!!bakit kaya till now wala pa sumasagot sa aki ntungkol sa lips bar???? mga kapatid…yung nakapunta na o may info bout that little place called lips bar…gabi-gabi may show ng mga mhin dun o pag may mga chenez-chuvang mga pacontest lang??? feel namin pumunta kaso baka magsayang lang kaming panahon at wiz show mga hombre??? gagaling pa kami cavite… rd, info about lips bar,….thanks

  4. …. no, hindi sya nirecognize ni big daddy…. nakakita na sya ng “BIG DADDY”!!!!! if u know what i mean……

  5. RD, bakit naman di mo pa mapangalan ang biological daddy nya e obvious naman? Magagalit ba si Mang Ramon? O ang daddy niya ay si Titanic Action Star na Senador din, si Bong?

  6. kamote, well wish ko sana i have that much to offer.. and if i do have much, i’d give him more than a condo. i’ll give him a world and make him a shrine. hoenstly, on the face and size department, he doesn’t fare well comapred to other models. but i do not know what it is about him that attracts me the most. sana ibalik and dating posts ni ram ace. thanks for the posts RD!

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