Raymond Rams

Whatever happened to Raymond Cabral [Raymond Ramos in real life]? Remember the new guy from the indie movie Tutok, which was shown last summer? He looked so fresh and new then. And willing to drop his pants sans reservations. This 21-year-old native of General Mariano Alvarez, Cavite was also noticed in the acting department, for his “sensitive portrayal of a conflicted rebel up in the mountains.” He has since done guesting stints on tv shows. Happy Birthday Raymond!

24 thoughts on “Raymond Rams”

  1. ayyyy…ang ganda pala nya ngayun, pinag awayan to noon dahil may nagsabi na maliit daw titi nitich. Is it true? kisi huda, basta guapo na sya ngayun type pa rin at magkano naman kaya ang damage? ang datong ko na para sana sa ondoy victim donation, gamitin ko na lang para pang bayad ng julake gaya nitich.

  2. Gwapo siya in person , kilala ko sya in Cavite nung nagmomodel pa kami sa mga malls. Very nice and humble person.

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