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The IT school guy

As I was driving along Recto Ave., I saw this billboard of a woman and a guy promoting the IT school Informatics. Turns out, the guy’s name is RG San Jose, who was posted here before in revealing shots. The 5’8″-tall wannabe is a BS IT student at Informatics. He was in the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 2007 list of “new and hot” bachelors. So what do you think guys? Is he hot or not?
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  1. ah ok….typical guy lng…d naman hot khit makita k cia na naka bikini’s in front of me…ewan k lng sa iba dyn…hmmppp!

  2. hi,
    itatanong ko lang kung ano nangyari sa PinoyPride, matagal na kasing offline at out of service ang gallery at forum nila. just asking kung may alam ka kasi nagpo-post ka dun dati ng mga photos diba? hope to hear from you soon.

  3. ANYWAYS! sabi nga ni Ellen D…balik na tayo sa normal posts ni RD at kalimutan na ang Bench Show (hint of diversionary tactic?)…you’re on the right boat scholar R.G. (hope its not Sulpicio’s). finish your schooling, get some experience (not SEXperience, ha) and go abroad. we need good (looking) IT professionals all the time in the USA…hey my laptop needs some speed, can you check it please.

  4. I see some nice-looking guys in those IT school billboards, tipong boys-next-door, and maybe this guy is one of them.

    But hot? Uh-uh. “not bad. not bad at all.” But not very good either. Di siya gaano luscious here.

  5. he was my classmate way back in grade school! nakakagulat naman at nasama xa dito! haha! cute xa ever since… Ralph is still doin modeling at this time.

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