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WITWI: Richard Bonnin

Where in the world is Richard Bonnin? The reason I am posting him here is because it’s his birthday tomorrow, June 5. He will be turning 38 years old already and I’m wondering how he looks like now. I hope he did not get fat like his other famous cousin JC. To those born in the 80s and 90s and in case you are wondering who the heck Richard Bonnin is, he is the older brother of the more famous Bonnin, Charlene, the wife of Aga Muhlach. In the late 80s up to the 90s he was a bit player in the sexy comedy movies. Then he moved to the U.S, got married and the last news gathered about him was that he came back to continue his studies. By the way, the photo above was taken 20 years ago, June 1988 to be exact when Richard Bonnin – regardless of the big hair – was still red-hot!
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  1. last time I saw him on one of the songs on a videoke being the male model there.he’s still cute and buff .

  2. the Bonnins… I love classic 80s pics like these.. Thanks RD!

    Akala ko siya ang naging pari. Siguro yung isnag Bonnin.

  3. there was an episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya back then about a barkada of boys growing up. Richard played the guy that ended up going with gays and there were nice skin shots of him there.

  4. im curious about that episode of MMK, anyone knows the ep’s title? if im not mistaken, these skin shots are shirtless right?

  5. if you can still remember Giraffe sa 6750 noon it was 3:00 am… all the people are dancing and drinking i when to the mensroom to pee i saw him enter and viola pee right beside me promise nasight ko tenga na lang tuta na!!! ang laki patay pa yun ha at ang bulbol even panalo talaga at di nya napansin ang pagtingin ko sa kanya dahil sobra na yatang syang lasing anyhow just sharing my story …more power rd


    good morning RD i know you are online right this moment coz i posted a comment 5 sec. ago and presto it is there right away. HAVE A TGIF (ay tapos na pala ang Friday ninyo and it is only starting with us).

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