Daydreaming Saturday

Model: Richard Guebar

I had a nutsy but fun Friday night at My Spoon [] near the ABS-CBN studios. The place serves continental cuisine [with a former Via Mare Maitre’D in the kitchen], and later into the night, turns to a bar where there are sexy go-go boys and girls on the ledge. And so, after a hectic night, I’m setting off as a peaceful sloth on a Saturday morning – with nothing to do but ponder, wonder and letting my mind wander. I’m freeing myself from all the week’s worries – the stress of work, relationships, finances and global warming. Recent research indicates that daydreaming as a part of daily life is essential for maintaining equilibrium. Daydreaming, science has discovered, is an effective relaxation technique akin to meditation. It contributes to intellectual growth, increases the powers of concentration, and enhances the ability to interact and communicate with others. Further, daydreaming jump-started the successes and achievements of famous people. And so, I’m off to la-la land.

5 thoughts on “Daydreaming Saturday”

  1. KC Thadani worksout at Golds, that’s a fact. However, he has a friend as well. A fellow “model” with mestizo features but the moment that friend of his speaks — JOLOGS!

    Two more “model” friends of theirs were waiting for them outside the 3rd flr entrance to Golds yesterday (Friday) afternoon. One of them worksout at Fitness First and the other…CUTE!!! 🙂

  2. Your point J.? Is KC Thadani a regular member or just a gift card user? The last time I saw him there, he was selling Motorola phones near the boxing place.

  3. Nah, he ain’t. Just one of them “modelling agency tie-ups” which is good for 4 months.

    These “models” (male and females) taking full advantage of Golds Gym’s generous nature does have a good side and a bad side!

    GOOD SIDE – lotsa eye candy and hopefully bed partners. hahahahahaha

    BAD SIDE – they sometimes forget their place.

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