Hot Men in the Philippines


Richard Guebar lazes around on this slow Sunday afternoon.   I’m loving Sunday afternoons now. It’s the best day of the week to do nothing. After getting tired of the day’s tv fare,  I spent the hours sorting some photos for my posts this week.  Nothing exciting – just some ass here and a dick there, some shirtless guy here and a thong-clad one there. How did you spend your Sunday afternoon?

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  1. leave the bush alone!!!!
    may appeal pa rin naman ang natural-looking bush..hindi lahat may gusto sa trimmed bush!! minsan, artificial na nag dating,,

    i miss the eighties when everything was as it is…

  2. who is this guy MIKO from WALANG SUSUHAN (i mean WALANG TULUGAN). he is the cute accented guy in the funny skit with kuya germs at the end of the show. any pics or 911 (or is it 411?) of this cutie? i believe he is japino. love his chinky eyes, bushy brows (promises bushy pubes) sheer innocence…and he dances, too!

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