Richard Guebar in Sikil

In one of the scenes in the movie Sikil, one guy stands up from a jacuzzi in all his naked glory. That was one of the frontal-nudity scenes in the indie flick, which is having its week-long run now at the Robinsons Galleria IndieSine. That guy, who carelessly dangled his dong in front of the cam, is none other than Richard Guebar , a movie and tv bit player [he has done bit parts on GMA 7’s soaps and fantasy series].

8 thoughts on “Richard Guebar in Sikil”

  1. This one reminds of the new armani underwear billboard featuring my ultimate universal sex object, David Beckham. The billboard – now a sensation in Italy – is so huge it matches the facade of the building next to it, and you could locate his cock – monstrous, even in its limp state – viciously resting to the right of his armani, visual enough to tease, even in black and white. How I wish Bench could pull off something similar without photoshoppe-ing its otherwise sexy models. Here’s the link:

    Oh by the way, David was my first husband before Victoria snatched him away from me. (Wish ko lang). Lol

  2. ay sya pala yung tumayo sa bath tub??????? yummyness!!!! hehehehehe!!! sya lang ang nagfrontal sa sikil di ba???? o di ko lang napansin?????

  3. ngek! super mega photoshoppe nga ang armani ad ni papa becks, look at those tattoos……….. sobrang photoshoppingggggggggg

  4. The fact that Richard Guebar is allowed to show his dick in all its glory in Sikil, maybe it is not such a conservative, one-track-minded MTRCB we have. Kaya lang, bakit kaya minsan, paputol sila nang paputol sa ibang pelikula, pero yung iba naman, nakakalusot. Bakit kaya paiba-iba ang standards ng mga miyembro ng MTRCB?

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