The Boxer: Rico Barrera

Best remembered as the sniff-sniveling, tight-speedo-wearing resident in the first Philippine edition of Big Brother, Rico Barrera is out to prove that he’s really a tough cookie. He is in ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Mano Mano: The Celebrity Boxing Challenge, where he risks his new beak against fellow TV and movie personalities in a boxing-reality show . He lost last Saturday.

13 thoughts on “The Boxer: Rico Barrera”

  1. Now there’s one really yummy beefcake. One of the guys who wouldn’t figure in a guessing game of is he or isn’t he (gay, that is) because Rico is all man. His participation in the very manly activity of boxing in ABS-CBN’s “Mano Mano” has enhanced his machismo. After all, wala pa akong naririnig na boxer na gay. Basketball players, swimmers (the late Olympian Greg Louganis being the most popular), and others in tough sports, merong gay. But will somebody tell me if there are famous gay pugilists? Pero makikipagsuntukan na rin ako kay Rico kung ang ending magyayakapan at magme-makelove kami, hahaha!

  2. Who told you gay can’t punch?? I am gay and I love boxing! I box like a real pro! It is something you can learn like any sports. Gay or straight can learn anything if they are motivated and put their hearts into it.

    Rico is gay-friendly and has some gay encounters as my friend from Olongapo could attest. He has also worked as a hosto back in the day. I for one believe he is one of us.

  3. Parinya Kietbusaba, or “Nong Toom”, is Thailand’s famous effeminate muay thai boxer who turned into a ts. His story was made into a movie, Beautiful Boxer!

  4. Rico B strikes me as the typical metrosexual, a fashionista who is so vain about his appearance. In his PBB stint, and in his tv appearances, he always looked his best, hair neatly in place and sporting clothes with lively shades of feminine colors. In the Philippines, the metrosexual lifestyle usually attracts models, waiters, artists, yuppies, and even sportsmen. Going into boxing may be Rico’s way of correcting perceptions that he is gay, to downplay his feminine side. But what the heck; he looks like the perfect obedient partner, and would love to lock my arms, lips, and tongue with him, spread my fingers on his abundant body hair, fondle and lick his bulbous manhood and bushy southern region, and push him to my humongous bed, anytime!

  5. Nong Poon is actually a kick boxer, a form of martial arts that requires aerobic skills, to a certain extent. There are many women – and probably gays – who are into kick boxing, so there.

  6. Totoo ba sinasabi mo, Rico B about your namesake? Na he’s had gay encounters and he’s one of us? That’s very nice. Sana tama ang report na yan at ang belief mo. As for boxers being gay, thanks, anonymous. Napanood ko rin ‘yung Beautiful Boxer. Nakalimutan ko lang. I stand corrected. Si Demure naman, nakaka-el ang pinagsususulat.Hmm, sana nga tama ka sa mga observations mo about Rico B, the housemate.

  7. Like Jordan Herrera, TJ Trinidad, Joem Bascon, et al, Rico Barrera is one delicious macho guy who’s had M2M encounters. In the ring, that is. I don’t know if also elsewhere. I’d like to have M2M with him. But not in the boxing arena.

  8. Lagi kong nakikita tong si Rico sa Bed sa Malate na may kasamang mga gays na mga nasa late 30s and early 40s na…Di ko lang alam kung isa don eh dyowa nya or he is one of them…

    Cute si Rico pero parang may hawig sila ni Andrew E…hehehe

  9. Somebody said “…the late Olympian Greg Louganis being the most popular…”. What does the writer mean – Greg is already dead?” I don’t think so. I’m not sure, but I guess Greg is pretty much alive…

  10. To Anonymous (December 5, 2007 6:51 PM) Somebody told me there was a small piece of news sometime ago that Greg finally succumbed to the havoc wrought by AIDS. But like you, I’m not sure either. And since nasa second “page” na si Rico Barrera, I guess lalong wala na’ng makaka-confirm kung natuluyan na nga si Greg.

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