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Sid and Rocky

Model, ex-dick-a-day feature and indie flick regular Rocky Salumbides is in Muli also. Of course, he’s not doing the frontals and he can only do the mooning scene plus the semi-hard-penis-in-white-briefs shot with lead Sid Lucero. The thing is, this is a warm-and-fuzzy feel-good gay flick. Muli – directed by Adolfo Alix, Jr. [Daybreak, D’Survivors] – will be shown uncut on 22 September 2010 in theaters nationwide.
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  1. Masarap talaga si Rocky Salumbides. Teka lang at magta-transform ako into Amor Powers…

    Pero si Sid talaga ang type ko. Ang kanyang carpeted body… Ang sarap sarap!

  2. Kailan kaya ang DVD version nito. I loved this movie after watching it at UP. Ang ganda sobra kakaiyak at very touching.

  3. saw this movie @ up adarna, month ago. ticket is with the movie magdamad as well. i really like the theme of the story. hope ders a dvd copy so that i can have a copy of my own..
    kudos to sid and cogie..

  4. Rocky is the man! He’s turning out to be a good actor.

    He’s one of the reasons to watch MULI. I like how he played Sid’s lover.

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