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Roman’s numeral is showing

Twenty-three-year-old Roman de Dios was reportedly discovered in the farm fields of Concepcion, Tarlac by talent scouts from Manila [who were just passing by]. They convinced him to go to Manila and try his luck in modeling. Convinced, he was. His first assignment was the bare-for-all Extreme Sexy Fashion Show in the now-closed Klownz Araneta. This was followed by another Extreme sequel, before he did a more daring Xkandalo show. I presume these were all bikini shows.
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  1. sarap! lalaking lalaki, native na native, natural na natural, frsh na fresh! i’m sure delcious ang notary nya.magsasaka ba? pwes, pwede nyang taniman, diligan, at araruhin ang bukid ko anytime…

  2. Roman de Dios is a classic example of the -er type who has the innate looks and bearing – and sometimes, breeding – to shine on their own, if given the opportunity. I remember my visit to a butterfly farm in the outskirts of San Jose, Costa Rica, a small country with barely 4 million people, less urban than Manila but with very cosmopolitan people. On our way to the farm, my group had a great time watching a lot of sexy ticos (the Costa Rican term for boys) helping out in the farm. One middle-aged lady friend remarked: “Sana makapag uwi ako sa Pilipinas ng isang magsasaka dito (sigh) ..kahit pawisan, ulam talaga.”

  3. is roman de dios ULAM or COMFORT FOOD?

    the word ulam is often heard and mentioned in this blog. for me ulam is basic sustenance for life continuance. comfort food on the other hand is something you delve in after a hard day’s work, stressful situations or elevated HBP to give solace, tranquility, relief and satisfaction, i.e. ice cream, bag of chips, trail mix or even aspirin.

    whatever you believe dear roman is,
    isn’t he so munchy and savoury? as the italians would say : MANGIARE!!! MANGIARE!!!

  4. supot nga yata.hindi naman siguro kasi pag mabalat ang ari malaki ang ulo pag tumigas. ito siya katamtaman lang ang laki.mga 5 or less inches(kunti lang sa tingin ko)lang ang ari nya.pwedi na rin pang macho dancer!

  5. mga ateng walang kasing sarap ang mga supot basta malinis lang. dapat sabihin ng mhin na supot na magbaon ka lang ng pan de sal kung may inimbak silang puting queso. sa europa at south america nagkalat ang supot. mas masarap kofasin because there is so much skin to work with at mas masarap ding umiyot kapag naramdaman mo sa sphincter mo ang pagkiskis ng excess skin. titirik talaga ang mata mo. ang problema lang may medical findings na ngayon na mas madaling maka-contract ng HIV ang mga supot kaya inire-recommend na ngayon ng mga doctors ang pagpapacircumcise.

  6. nag aaway pa kayo sa supot-supot na yan.ang importante may titi na machuchupa.kahit supot pa yan.ok na rin yan

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