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Daring Amateur: Ronald Jimenez

Here’s another amateur willing to take it all off for the sake of art. Twenty-six-year-old Ronald Jimenez stands 5’7″ and is from Paranaque City. He once tried to enter showbiz when he was younger. Unfortunately, we don’t hear his name in the maddening world of showbiz.
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  1. i guess being bitchy is a gay trademark, don’t you think? bitching makes gay life colorful. but we have to temper this with objectivity, empathy, and tolerance of other people’s views, appearance, and social background.

    now back to our model ronald: he looks straight from hawaii (pronounce that ha – wa – yee) with his little nice pearly choker, yeah?

  2. Being bitchy is a gay trademark? Maybe but I would rather stay a hundred meters away from a witch whose mouth spews only venom and nega-stuff all the time, ‘yun bang wala nang makitang maganda sa ibang tao. I’m not making an appeal in Ronald Jimenez’s favor, ha. If he can cover his shaved crotch with just the fingers of one hand, then what’s inside cannot be very impressive. O ayan, nag-bitch ako, pero ngayon lang, ha. Hehehe.

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