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Illegally Low

In the wake of the onslaught of Bench Uncut‘s bilboards around the city, rival Folded & Hung came up with its own sexy board featuring lead model Sam Milby shirtless in low rise jeans. Sam, who was a former Bench endorser, is single-handedly taking on the Bench guys with his hot and come-hither advertisements for F&H. Now, will he wear those small F&H briefs anytime soon, too?
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  1. promoting illegally low jeans tapos naka high-rise underwear! medyo mahina ang creatives ng agency na gumawa nito…

  2. kasalanan to ni Piolie, kung hindi nya pinagsawaan ito e hindi sana ganyan itsura nyan na nanguluntoy! lahat na lang na dumidikit kay Piolie e inaalat!

  3. oo nga naman hindi na uso illegally low, nagawa na yan. wala na bang gimmick ang folde and hung na iba? sana mag brief si papa sam naman.

  4. kawakwa nman mga ngpo post d2..palaging nilalait..iilan lng ang pumupuri..80% NANLALAIT..20% LNG PUMUPURI….

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