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Just who is Sebastian Castro, really? I may not understand much what he’s saying [or singing about] in the video, but he sure is hawwwt in dem pair of tighty whities dancing in the locker room with the bikini open veterans. There is really a fine, fine line in the horny mind. Watch!
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  1. Parang nawalan ako ng gana sa kanya dahil sa video na to. I like boys with class. Yung hindi papampam. Ganun ko sya nakikita dati but now, ewan.

    Pero pag liligawan nya ko why not!? Choosy pba!?hahaha

  2. I didn’t expect na magagawa to ni Bast. I really like him. He’s so handsome. I just don’t like those dancers.

  3. Try as I might to like this guy, there’s just something about his face that screams “there’s absolutely nothing between my ears!” He does have a nice booty, I’ll give him that.

  4. kung nagpapatawa siya in the same league as Weird Al Yankovic, then he did a great job!!! from the dance moves to the lyrics nakakatawa talaga. Though he does have a sexy body and cute face.

  5. Sebastian, baby! So hot like G R R R! I really don’t care if he’s gay or something. But he has take everything off! Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha!

  6. apart from his good looks and nice body, this guy can also paint. check out his paintings. world class. I forgot to copy the link though, nan dyan lang sa google pag e type mo name nya. love you sebby. from eds πŸ™‚

  7. Sebastian Castro’s “Bubble” hit me kinda off or something. Is he gay or what? If he’s not gay, then is he mocking the community? Is he being a fuck headed bully with just a pretty face between his ears? Yeah yeah, he’s kinda sorta hot and whatnot, but he didn’t strike me as someone whom I would understand lest I know what he really means. Now this. Just saying.

  8. When a cute guy is oblivious about his cuteness, that’s HOT! When a cute guy hard sells himself, that’s NOT!

  9. Brace yourselves,
    the I-hate-gays-even-though-i’m-gay
    comments are coming.

    I think he is very cute and I would not mind if he is gay but does not want to admit it or is gay but only wants to imply it.

    To be honest I think this video is like an advertisement that he is a bottom. I’d gladly tap that ass.

  10. Andami nyo pang satsat. Magpasalamat at may kabadingan na sa mainstream media. Seb is cute and he knows it. Kung naiingit kayo bakit di kayo gumawa ng sarili nyong music video? Huwag na pairalin utak talangka!

  11. Andami nyo pang satsat. Magpasalamat at may kabadingan na sa mainstream media. Seb is cute and he knows it. Kung naiingit kayo bakit di kayo gumawa ng sarili nyong music video? Huwag na pairalin utak talangka!

  12. Anonymous said…
    Badessa itech, lantad na lantad, not even trying to hide in the closet. Yuck lason.

    Friday, 15 February, 2013

    So lason ka din dahil badiday ka din???? gagah! magaral ka nga!

    1. hoy Tecla. mag linis ka nga ng comedor. its not correct for you to determine whether a song is a piece of shit or not. after ng comedor, Tecla, clean the wash room and remove your shit there. Pronto!

  13. Jeez. I thought this was private. I’m just watching this on Private group on Facebook shared by a common friend with Sebastian. Dami pla kmi common friends. And I’m just amazed na nsa Rddantes n sya. Jeez. He’s an artist (not actor) indeed based on his profile and the friends that we have in common. RD, is it possible that I know you too? πŸ˜›

  14. i know him and he is open about his gayness. he’ll be on becky nights live this monday,9pm. according to him, he’ll be talking about his “sexuality”

  15. On the issue whether he was gay or not, he has neither confirmed nor denied it.

    On Twitter, someone asked him if he was gay, because, according to the one who asked, Sebastian was definitely “queebaiting” (by doing these kind of videos) just to gain fans if he was straight.

    But then, this song is more than just a song. Did Sebastian launch this as a form of expression, or just as a merchandise?

  16. Mga pinoy na bakla sobrang mangmang pataasan, pakabugan. Cant we support other gay guys whether they are closeted or not as long as you are not being disrespected? Kaloka.

  17. queerbating? eh sino namang straigth guy ang gagawa ng ganyan para lang sumikat? eh kung sisikat sya sa mainstream audiences sa pag gawa ng ganyan eh di sana dati pa yan ginawa ni mama piola pascual.

  18. ano daw ateng sinasabe nya..


    kita mo nga naman pag cute na e… nakakalagpas na sa error in dick-tion..


    pretty confident guy

  19. Anonymous said…
    Brace yourselves,
    the I-hate-gays-even-though-i’m-gay
    comments are coming.


    I agree! mga baklang to! hate daw pero ang totoo insecure!

  20. TRASHY Mess! da who???

    saving factor lang ang itsura at katawan. Gusto ata gumaya sa mga western gay guys na nagrerelease ng random club songs para mapansin. Bad vocals, cheap song production and worst acting. cute lang sya lol!

  21. haha..

    mga thunder gays lang at mga gays na pangit pa sa kabayo ang mga bitter d2…

    aminin nyo ng di kau papatulan ng mga baklang gwapo..papatulan lang kau kung magbabayad kayo…lol!! insecure…hahaha

  22. HE ADMITTED THAT HE’s ONE OF US, HE’S GAY, nag out na po sya sa BEKI NIGHTS KAGABI. πŸ™‚ kahit tweet nyo pa ang beckynights!

  23. ano ba ung underwear nya?? sana mas sexy kung ck’s or aussiebum… baka maliit ang toot nya to fill u those type of undies.. lol

  24. kailangan pa ba umamin eh obviosang obviosa na isa shang nagmumurang bakla! bulag lang ang hindi makakadetect ng matres nya mga ning!

  25. I love Sebastian Castro! His Bubble MTV shows not only his drop-dead-gorgeous physique and looks, but also his magnetic personality. He seems to be really fun to be with. I don’t normally fall for gay men. (For a price, there’s a lot of available straight men out there.) But Sebastan Castro changed my perspective of things.

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