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Seff Posadas in Erotika

One of the lead dancers-actors in the new video flick Erotika M2M 2 is 24-year-old Seff Posadas. He is a part-time indie film actor and a commercial model. The 5’6″-tall Calamba City-native appears in Erotika in his most daring role. In Erotika, the dancers had to do mean striptease, lap- and pole-dancing sequences. It was reported that the dancers trained under a current Hotlegs member to prepare for their scenes. Erotika is now available for Php 199 [VCD only] at major stores nationwide.
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  1. Yan ang bagong lumabas na DVD/VCD sa market.. uhmm..
    if by any chance directors are reading this.. can you
    at least make it satisfying naman kahet papano..
    bought it and wala manlang kahet konteng exposure..
    which really irritates me.. you can say na i could buy
    porn pero inserting a bit of skin down there will not
    hurt.. yung M2M masahe at least they showed something
    at the end.. may exposure… I also bought this
    “Sikreto ni Kuya” pang straight toh pero grabe ang
    tinde lahat ng parts ng female pinapakita especially
    nung— behind the scenes.. too bad im not straight…
    baket etong straight sensual film na toh pumasa sa
    MTRCB or who ever’s filtering it.. but when it comes
    to gay sensual film or what not.. it’s all less than
    tease.. and yes.. sana bumili nalang ako ng porn….
    sana we can be more expressive when it comes to
    voyeurism!! I
    give the new Eroticka M2M 2 ===> 5 OUT OF 10 more
    skin sana next time!!

  2. Kung ang hinahanap ng iba ay lantaran na pagpapakita ng sex organ ng babae o lalake, palagay ko hindi niyo yan makikita sa mga nabibili sa mga department store o record bar.

  3. Nakakatakam naman ang nakahigang Seff. Sa tunay na buhay, ganyan kaya talaga kakinis ang mga kutis ng mga lalakeng ito. Aba, kay sarap haplusin at dikitan. Haven’t seen the video yet kaya’t di ko mahuhusgahan.

  4. THANKS FOR THE REVIEWS of Erotika M2M 2. however, bcoz of this sensual Seff post, i am in a state of perplexity, whether to BUY or NOT TO BUY this VCD… meanwhile, i am still on part #2 of MANILA EXPOSED (total 8 parts). by the way, i am missing #6, #7. anybody knows where to buy them? *****

  5. MANILA EXPOSED is a straight xxx porno made by a consortium of an american and filipino filming team. quality is “so-so”. actors are from average to some goodlooking pinoys (selected well-hung guys flips). bareback action (sans durex). if this is your trip go buy the pirated copies (cheaper than the i-net)…I like it.

  6. Ay sayang lang ang pera ninyo! its not worth a thing. The guys are not even that appealing kaya sana they should have done better!!!!!

  7. Pansin ko lang sa M2M Series from Masahe to VS. that they seem kinda tame. The scenes are not really that titillating and so very limited exposures. Perhaps they should get creative directors who really knows how to make it real hot. Saka how come nga yung “Sikreto Ni Kuya” was allowed to show that much? Kulang nalang actual penetration eh. Another one is the said director’s cut of Koverboyz. Thought it is the unedited version and with the much advertised “scenes” pero wala naman pala. I think we can never really see those in DVD’s out in stores.

  8. sana pinakita mo na lang titi mo seff para mas masaap diba?
    pls next time maghubad ka na lang kahit di mo pakita mukha mo..

  9. precicely, you’re wasting your money & time, walang kwenta mas enjoy pa ako sa Manila Expoxed & i had a collections of Manila Exposed DVD.

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