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Sucker Punch!

I may never understand the gory sport of boxing, but give me a handsome expert like John Marvin, and I can sit down and watch all the bobbing and weaving. The 24-year-old Filipino-British puncher (is that how you call ’em?), made headlines recently for winning gold at the SEA Games, and, of course, the rough-and-tumble good looks played it out so well.

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  1. mga beshy tama ba ang sagot ko sa blind item ni FP -sunshine, ryza at angelika sa IANU? Correct me if im wrong mga beshy!

    1. Based sa clues, kurachi ka chiminurva
      Pero sbi ng isang beshie na taga prod nde nmn daw nali-late sa set si Sunshine
      Kaya kevz na lang sa pakulo ni fp at i-enjoy mo na lang ang handog ni rd

      1. Ah ganun ba beshy Raymunda…for the first time nakasagot dn ako ng tama sa blind item ni FP ..madalas kasi ang hirap kasi english..chos

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