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The Genistons

Known or unknown, local or international, famous or infamous, I get all kinds of requests for the hunk posts. Today is the Relatively Unknown Post. I’ve always received specific emails asking about a full feature on the Genistons from down South.

While largely unknown in these parts they will  be forever prominent after this post (I think). The hot father-and-son team is hugely popular in social media.The older one is Mark Geniston, a businessman and sexy father to Kevin, a student in Cebu.

Known for their candid and sometimes coordinated (whipped into shape) posts on social media, the shirtlessness of these two always grab attention. Like now. Oft times, we get lucky for the underwear features.

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    1. do they s-ck its others dick? meged.. i canot.. i wish they have a scandalful video s-cking its other.. its d usual thingy in some parts of the globe u knew…

  1. Wowowee. Like father, like son. I’m sure the father has had his share of swooning gays, who must have pursued him to get a glimpse, if not a taste, of his precious jewels.

    1. heto na ang mga papasok sa Bahay ni Koyang Bayot!!! ang father-son tandem ng Cebu..
      the Penistons!!! Charossss!

  2. Kevin ganiston ikaw diay ni hahahaha
    Artista nka bro hahaha, kuyawa ug post a pa ibog man haha kinsa manpud imo gui kamayan ani bai?😊😊😊

  3. Kevin could be a male version of Kim K. mapang-akit at sisikat to sa social media if he grab and uses the opportunity right.

  4. I don’t get it. Aside sa pagdisplay ng bukol nila, and getting attention, nagkakapera ba sila dito? Meron bang nag sponsor sa page or blog nila? If not it’s just a waste of time.

    Kim Kardashian/Paris Hilton made millions parlaying their sex videos into social media and showbiz ventures and product endorsements.
    Itong mga aspiring famewhores sa Pinas eh hanggang duon lang. Display ng display pero nganga. Walang perang nakikita sa effort nila.

    1. Possible Answers:
      1. They want to keep their followers satisfied (which is nice)
      2. They want to feel better about theirselves.

  5. I never feel a giggle by them, especially Kevin Geniston if dick photo of him never merge out or expose. Their beauty is useless without their dickfies. They are hot if we see their boyhoods.

  6. I really like Kevin Geniston if he is naked showing his dick uncensored! His beauty is truly useless if he is not naked. Tinateña na låhi put fabot!

      1. Ayan, buti nga sa iyo! Panay puna ka sa kanyang English eh! Ayan tuloy, napilitan na lang syang magsalita ng kanyang sariling wika! Di ba ayaw mo mag ingles sya?! Yan ang results ng kawalang tawa mo, nairita ka tuloy! Ang nararamdaman mong irita ang syang tunay na karma ang naranasan mo sa pagpuna sa kanyang English! Sige, #punakapasakanyamore!

      2. Good for you, you feel irritated because you insulting and humiliating her when she speak English. The result, she forced herself to speak in her native tongue! That’s the true karma of what had you done to her!

      3. That’s the result of keep belittling and insulting my English grammar because you think my English grammar is wrong! You feel irritated or uncomfortable when I speak in my native language! Again, what language I supposedly to use when I talk/comment to you, Anonymous 7:30, English or in my native language?! If you hate me to speak English, your in comfortability continues or you feel irritated continuously! If you want me to speak English, OK fine!

        1. If you hate me to speak english, your discomfort or hassle continues, I MEAN! You are in a helpless situation just like what you did to me by speaking Tagalog to me instead of English. It’s a karma to you by having feel irritated!

    1. To tempt or seduce us. But I will never be defeat by their temptation without their uncensored dickfie expose. The great seducers!

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