47 thoughts on “Xmas Boy”

  1. jm became slimmer in this pic, he’s definitely one hot cock in his previous photos especially the one in which he wore a fundoshi bikini but if i were to choose, my favorite xmas boy would be victor aliwalas or jheem kazumi, that would make me cum all day long this xmas.

    1. JM will always ignore you. Victor and Jheem will beat you up and throw you into a ditch and leave you for dead.

      Totoo yun.

  2. His photo will keep you imagining what’s behind those legs. Zooming to the max the full view of the package but cant go any further bec the photographer have done a good job concealing what supposed to be the full object of desire. He’s not the perfect model but the shot are considerably erotic and sensual..kakalibog!

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