Bruno of SOP’s Showboys

That’s gorgeous Brazilian model Bruno, who is now part of SOP’s new boyband, Showboys. Apparently, Showboys is the replacement of Take 5, which did not take off. The cast are still there – Hansen, Joseph, Rey and Carlos, with the exception of Douglas who is nowhere to be seen. Bruno is the addition to the group, and the boyish model who has done several ad campaigns in the Philippines already, seems to have assimilated himself well into the band. The group performs every Sunday on GMA 7’s noontime show, SOP.

14 thoughts on “Bruno of SOP’s Showboys”

  1. well, that means supot siya!! no brazilian is cut. i just can’t take uncut guys. no matter what, may amoy talaga! yuckk!!

  2. Douglas and Carlos C. didn’t see eye-to-eye on things — LEADERSHIP of the group.

    Yup, Bruno’s H-O-T! The hottest Brazilian “model-wannabe” to hit these shores, together with Henrique Fukuoka! And he’s Carlos’s LATEST GYM BUDDY after Ramon del Prado and Einar. 😉

  3. do you know that 3/4 of the men in the world are uncut. nasa personal hygiene ang amoy o baka naman sa mga sweltering parks ka nami-pickup ng mga supot at nagpaparos -ay talagang mangangamoy iyan. sabi ng u.c.topman it gives them extra sensation. sabi ko naman i love the sound of giving b.j. sa u.c. dick. it makes me delirious. kung balak mong maging citizen of the world or otherwise known as o.f.w. learn how to love u.c. dicks.

  4. nahanap ko siya sa my space…gwapo nga!
    yuck ha! ang panget kaya ni carlos. kulang sa height..ordinary looking.

  5. parang galit na galit ka kay carlos… nakikita ko din siya sa golds gym. TRue di siya katangkaran pero ang ganda ng body!and super baby face! well i think super cute siya! peace:)

  6. oy wala akong galit kay carlos.. kasi di bagay yung sobrang laki ng body niya tapos muka siyang totoy..hindi proportion..mukha siyang body builder na ewan…

    si bruno..approachable. sana mabigyan siya ng big break like andrew wolf

  7. shit ur one of a gorgeous men ive ever seen …..can i get ur no. plz i just wana be ur fren…f datz ok w u….kip on rockin

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