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    1. Spanish sardines? Bili ka sa tindahan ng kaibigan ng mudra ko meron pa nga sila nung 555 spicy spanish sardines eh sarap iulam sa kanin.

  1. I was introduced to him at a chalk event in the fort. dude this guy is like my ultimate crush next to daniel velasco(who is out of the country so I haven’t had the chance to work with him)

    our mutual friend from la salle(also a model of mama jonas) told him excitedly that i was doing a movie blah blah doing the showbiz thing na.

    so he comes up to my ear, the venue was really loud, and shouts “thats great man, i wish you the best in your career”.

    and as i opened my mouth to say “thank you” his saliva shoots straight to the corner of my mouth. damn son.

    and I’ve had a crush on this guy for so long. haha. I think he’s straight tho, or I’m not his type i don’t know but he’s very well mannered, last i heard he switched management teams na. he’s with tito aldwin of IM agency.

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