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  1. 2016 will be a combination of both(bikinis or no bikinis) and they’re gonna be daring and bolder as ever! the men wearing them will be more drop dead gorgeous and lustful to the maxx! and so let the good times roll! all naked men out there, pls come out!

  2. john marcia..dti lng hikahos na macho dancer sa lips gaybar…jinowa ng myamang beki kya ayan umayos… at nsa Feu na ngaaral… well at least gnmit nya utak nya pra mkaahon…

      1. kng gsto nya mgyabang choice nya un teh. . eh bkit kc ung ibang bakla bitter pg nkuha ng dhamak na myamang sponsor… eh d mgpyaman k din ng nde lng john mark marcia matikman nyo…

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