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Cock fight!

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    1. mr. rd, we pentagays like pics like this, sana mga ganito po ang post nyo lagi hehehe we love u so much. kaw idol namen.. pro we dont like fencing kasi ayaw naman ng mga lalaki na mkipagfencing sa men kadiri daw.. so chumuchuwad na lang kamesa tawag ng laman..
      ayaw din mgpa kiss sa men, kaya humihingi na lng kame ng laway as in dura talaga.. hay hirap maging baklang chaka..

    1. yabang ni ateh o! bakit kun me malaki kang tarugo nagagamit mo naman ba? ikaw ang ginagamitan di ba? pakantot ka rin i know rite?

  1. One of the ritual now a hit among rich and famous is Penis Brother. this ritual is respected although new. Penis brothers can be friends, family or loved ones. A Penis Brother ritual has nothing to do with the occult, Satanism or anything along that line. It is a bonding of spirits and wills for the lifetime of the individuals. Only trusted friends can be blood brothers.

    This is in modern times usually done in a ceremony where having each person reveal their penis in all its glory then the two are pressed together and bound, the idea being that each person’s sperm now flows in the other participant’s penis.

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